Home exam for 2017

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Oral exam will take place on Nov 3. Exact time table will be published here before Nov 1. In case of any questions regarding the home exam, do get in touch with the teachers directly via email or contact Arvind Sundaram (arvind.sundaram @ medisin.uio.no)

Oral exam schedule:

Oral exam will take place at Ole-Johan Dahls hus (same building as the lectures) location: Google maps

Plan your presentation for 15-20 mins max. Also, please arrive at least 15 mins before your timeslot. Call Arvind Sundaram (90873284) in case you are lost!

Friday November 3
De novo assembly Room Delta (2164)
Ibrahim Ahmed Akkouh 0930-1000
Anna Sofia Elisabeth Lundahl 1000-1030
Eirik Berg Nordheim 1100-1130
Leila Heidarg Rad 1130-1200
Øyvind Sætren Gulbrandsen 1300-1330
Statistical genomics Room Delta (2164)
Jonfinn Blix Knutsen 1330-1400
Nirujah Kirupanithy 1430-1500
Therese Isabelle Dahle 1500-1530
Variant Calling Room Eta (2167)
Albina Hulda Palsdottir 0930-1000
Fawzi Rahmadiyan Zuhairi 1000-1030
Håkon Kaspersen 1100-1130
Susanne Maria Moltubakk Tande 1130-1200
RNA-Seq analysis Room Eta (2167)
Ana Beatriz Riguetti Zanardo Botelho 1300-1330
Hengyi Zhu 1330-1400
Meriam Guellil 1430-1500
Ranjana Pathak 1500-1530

Below you will find the link to the home exam questions followed by the list of students who need work on that module.

All the best!

Anna Sofia Elisabeth Lundahl
Eirik Berg Nordheim
Ibrahim Ahmed Akkouh
Leila Heidarg Rad
Øyvind Sætren Gulbrandsen

Ana Beatriz Riguetti Zanardo Botelho
Elena Kirsanova
Hengyi Zhu
Meriam Guellil
Ranjana Pathak

Albina Hulda Palsdottir
Fawzi Rahmadiyan Zuhairi
Håkon Kaspersen
Nardos Tesfaye Woldemariam
Susanne Maria Moltubakk Tande

Aruppillai Suthaparan
Girum Tadesse Tessema
Jonfinn Blix Knutsen
Nirujah Kirupanithy
Therese Isabelle Dahle